The much awaited Microsoft Kinect with SDK v1.0 finally started shipping


Microsoft’s much awaited Kinect hardware released today on 1st Feb 2012 which has v1.0 and SDK bringing to you Xbox 360 motion sensors to the desktop. The sensor bar is easily available at an exciting price of $249 with a special discount of $100 stated, in the pipeline and the software guarantees, to support up to four bars plugged into one PC. It is an improved skeletal tracking system than the previous beta.

Boosted tracking:

It means that the developers are allowed to track the users of their choice using the tracking sensor plus it also work with Microsoft Kinect Explorer’s features. Audio beam and sound source angle measurement to be precise. In addition, the gadget also has the features such as tweaked color, depth modes, and audio fix. To streamline kinect for Windows into end application format there is a ‘commercial ready installer” software also.

Integrating Kinect to Windows 8 notebooks:

Rumors suggest that Microsoft is supposedly going to integrate Kinect to Windows 8 notebooks. Presenting to you “near mode” that allows depth camera to track objects upto 40cms from the sensor bar. Moreover, the v.11 Microsoft Speech components with SDK and runtime that enable “log me in” and face recognition. There is something in store for the distant too. “Far talk” software to improve far speech recognition. Windows team states to expect SDK and runtime related 2 to 3 times a year.

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