The New-look Kinect for Windows coming in May with seated tracking Feature


Microsoft Kinect for Windows is all set for release in 19 new countries this year- with the new version of the Kinect for Windows systems. The Kinect for Windows 1.5 version will be released towards the end of May this year. Kinect is a web-cam style motion sensing input device through a natural user interface using spoken commands and gestures.

New Features

The abilities of the Kinect system- which was originally designed for Xbox, the popular gaming console from Microsoft- has been enhanced with new features like ‘seated’ tracking and ’10 joint skeletal’ tracking. The 1.5 version of the Kinect software enhances the computing ability of the hardware to track the head, neck, and the arms of either a seated or a standing person. The new feature will work in both the default and near modes. The 1.5 release extends the speech recognition support to four more languages- Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French.

More Language Support 

This novel addition to the Kinect human gesture sensing system for Windows gadgets is the support for speech recognition in various languages as they are spoken in different countries in the world- to name a few: English in New Zealand, French Canadian, and Spanish in Spain or Mexico.

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