Amazon Instant Video now available on Xbox 360


The Amazon Instant Video is certainly a good initiative by the company. In fact, Amazon Prime Members might get the best treatment as they will also be able to get unlimited streaming on certain videos as well. However, if Amazon wishes to compete with the likes of Hulu, Netflix or any other big companies, they will have to make their service available to as many platforms as possible.

That is why from now onwards, Xbox 360 will be getting a treat from Amazon. This is because the application has now been expanded to be made available on Xbox 360 devices as well. Earlier in April this year, the service was made on the PS3 and now more platforms are being supported as the time passes. However, unique only to the Xbox 360 and the Kindle Fire is the watchlist which allows the customer to preselect the programs that they are interested to watch in other devices later.

Xbox Live Gold users are also in for a treat because they will be getting a free trial for the Amazon Prime service which will last for a month. This is certainly an interesting feature to have especially if you are already an Amazon Prime member.

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