Expected Update of Minecraft 1.7 Arrives for Xbox 360


Mincraft 1.7 UpdateMojang developer has offered gadgets markets a preview of Minecraft 1.7 update. Market was expecting the video game developer to come up with this update sooner or later. What surprised the market was the glimpse of what to expect in Minecraft’s snapshot 13w43a.


Minecraft’s snapshot 13w43a includes pufferfish texture. Snapshot 13w36a already had this texture. Apart from the texture, the new snapshot includes some new saplings, as well. Market did get to see snapshot 13w41a with stained glass just a few weeks ago. Minecraft game players were satisfied with it. Nevertheless they didn’t expect it to be included because its inclusion in that version of snapshot was a prank.

Bugs Removal

People had problems in steering boats using the arrow keys. Another problem they had been with Minecraft help. Mac users too had problems because of a bug in Minecraft. Java version of the game also had some issues. All these have been patched up in these updated versions of Minecraft.

The market for video games continues to evolve with new technologies. Mojang would have to keep the markets interested in its products with periodical updates and new additions. The developer would also have to prompt in addressing the bugs. The last time they reviewed the coding prior to this was in March.

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