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When the Xbox Kinect first came out it was an awe-inspiring device that made record sales. Selling 8 million in just 60 days topped the charts and put it at the pinnacle of total sales for a single electronic device. With features that catered to a wide variety of users, the Kinect got people up off their feet and allowed them to use the completely hands free technology for a variety of uses.

With their catchy “You are the controller” slogan, Kinect was referring to its capabilities to utilize voice commands and hands free controls to navigate. Now, however, you have the ability to not only be the controller, but the developer. With the new Kinect SDK (Software Developer Kit) you are only limited by your imagination.

This software is still in the beta stages, but it is jam-packed full of goodies. It can only be run on a computer that has Windows 7, but upgrading to a newer computer may be well worth it. This free software has code walkthroughs that will teach you how to program the Kinect to do a variety of things such as recognize voice commands, record audio, monitor movements, and so much more! You don’t have to be a genius to create your own Kinect program, in fact you don’t even have to know how to code, this software comes complete with easy to use tutorials so that anyone can learn.

Numerous applications have already been designed for the Xbox Kinect, but millions more are yet to be discovered. With the power now in the consumer’s hands, who knows what brilliant and innovative ideas will emerge with the release of this software.

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