Xbox live soon on the Android and iOS, informed Microsoft


Xbox 360 will soon be a part of your daily life. It will become the place for unfathomable entertainment that will provide you with live TV, access to social networking sites, as well as access to streaming music. Microsoft will soon include Xbox 360 in the iOS and androids for users to enjoy this gaming platform even when you are mobile.

Information from Microsoft

A senior spokesperson at Microsoft has informed that although the Xbox live is best experienced on the windows yet many Xbox fans are using other operating systems in different gadgets, Xbox live will soon struck these devices. The company is working hard to make it compatible with the other platforms in the various devices.

Android Phones as Targets

It is extremely obvious that Microsoft is targeting the Android phones, tablets and iPhones and trying to make the Xbox 360 run on them. Surely, this will not delimit the Xbox 360 to the living room only. You will be able to play on this gaming platform even when you are moving. This will surely add a lot to the plethora of Xbox lovers.

On the other hand, critics are speculating that the sales of Windows phone may falter because Xbox is one prime reason for people to choose windows phone.

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