XBOX Live Update – 4 New Games This Week (Oct 2 – Oct 8)


Have a look on the latest update released this week for the XBOX Live gadget.

  • NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

The popular game due to its comic style has now back with another edition. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition has several new features to satisfy the fans they have created. According to Trey Smith, the creative director of NBA Jam, this game was made according to the responses and suggestions of various fans. Trey in NBA Jam On Fire’s promotional video has said there are nearly 1000 new animations added to the game. The two main additional features are Tag Mode and Team Fire. In Tag Mode the player can now control both characters in the game and in Team Fire the team gets a “flame” allowing more special moves. The game cost is 1200 points on Xbox Live Arcade.

  • Space Channel 5 Part 2

Follow Ullala in dance adventure and compete against the rivals Rhythm Rogues. If you are groovy enough you can help Ullala save the world.

  • Sega Bass Fishing

Was a huge hit on Dreamcast, now has been released for Xbox with better graphics and realistic fishing experience. The game contains nearly 8 fishing holes and 14 fishing lures. The game is available for 800 Microsoft points.

  • Orcs Must Die

Game made by creator of Age of Empires, is all about securing a tower/fort. You play a character who is the protector of a tower and have to kill incoming orcs by using weapons and creating traps.

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