Xbox One Release Gathers a Lot of Sale on the Launch Day


Xbox OneThe latest gaming console to arrive on streets is Microsoft’s Xbox One. With this video game device, Microsoft has sounded the death knell for its previous gaming console, i.e., Xbox 360, which so far has been quite popular in gadgets world. However, Microsoft’s announcement comes a week later than Sony’s launch of PlayStation 4, which was the rival for Xbox 360 in the past generation. Effectively, battle continues for the gaming console market between Sony and Microsoft, but with new products.

Availability and Pricing factor

Online retailing businesses selling this gaming console are Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. However, they are already out of stock. In physical stores too, this product is difficult to find because primarily, only limited numbers of this gaming console have been released in the market. This leaves eBay as the only alternative, and here it commands a hefty premium. The listed price of Xbox One is $499, but on eBay it is available for almost $700. Considering that PlayStation 4’s listed price is a hundred dollars less, and it has the first mover advantage, Xbox One’s price may not be sustainable.


Xbox One’s features include online connectivity through Xbox Live, and a hard disc drive with storage of 500 GB. In addition, there is a controller, an HDMI plug, and Kinect sensor.  There gadget has two High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs. One of them is from satellite TV’s set top boxes, or cable network. The second one connects the device directly to the television set.

Popular software applications and channels such as YouTube, NetFlix, Amazon’s Instant Video, NFL, ESPN, and Hulu Plus can also be used on this console.

Kinect is a fascinating addition, though it is not perfected as yet. This is a software application that allows the user to give voice commands, which are acceptable both by the device, as well as cable or satellite connection. This software tool is also self-learning tool, i.e., it learns the commands being given by the user.

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