Xbox One Resumes Discount at $349


Xbox 1The gadgetsworld is surprised indeed. Microsoft had brought down the price of its Xbox One for Christmas. The product initially carried a price tag of $399. However, the company reduced this to $349 during the festive season, and once the season was over, the product was again sold at $399. The move helped Xbox One to capture larger market share during Christmas shopping, defeating Playstation 4 in the process.

Surprise Move

It is surprising that Microsoft has reintroduced the discount after the product was sold at $399 for merely 12 days after festive season. This slashing of the price has the market wondering whether the slashing of the price is more permanent in nature. Gadgets owners would also love to know the difference in turnover of the two leading gaming consoles. But Microsoft is not revealing any relevant information.

Windows 10 and Gaming

Microsoft did refer to gaming improvements, for people who use PCs for playing games. These enhancements would be seen in Windows 10 that was unveiled by Microsoft.  For now, market is presuming that the teaser at the event of unveiling Windows 10 was referring to the inclusion of DirectX 12 in Windows 10. This is a large group of libraries that control sound, 2D and 3D images, networking and other gaming controls. Over the years, these libraries have undergone a lot of changes. The latest development has improved their performance considerably.

Gamers would be curious to know how Windows 10 will improve their gaming experience. For now, the price of $349 for Xbox One is something that will delight them, whether it comes from a discount or permanent price reduction.

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