Xbox One to Make its First Appearance, this September in China


Xbox 1An unnamed source has divulged the news that Xbox One gadget will be made available on sale this September in China. Even though unconfirmed, this news seems to have some aorta of truth in it because Microsoft has posted a video on the Xbox YouTube channel.

Public to Private

Unfortunately, those who haven’t caught the video on YouTube will not be able to see it now because its status has been converted from Public to Private. But definitely we can tell you what’s there in the video! In the video, Yusuf Mehdi, CVP for Device and Studios Department, China, has discussed his intention of the gaming console to get its first launch pad in the Chinese market.

China: The Favorite

China has been favored above all markets because there are over half billion families of gaming freaks. To create the right impact globally and locally China was chosen as the favorable one.

The news doesn’t shock us because for quite some time now we have been getting news of the transitory ban on gaming consoles being lifted soon. Already Microsoft has sold more than 5 million of gaming consoles of Xbox One to the retailers after its launch since September.

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