Zynga’s Words with Friends Coming with a New Look


Zynga Words with FriendsZynga launched the revamped version of its Words with Friends on its fifth anniversary. “Words with Friends” is one of the most popular applications that can be played on Apple’s gadgetsincluding Android smartphones. This free game can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

What is ‘Words with Friends’

Basically, it has a lot of similarities to traditional scrabble. It is one of the most popular social games around, as of now. At any point of time, almost 55 million “Words with Friends” matches are on.

About the Company

Zynga has been making huge losses for a while, and the new version of its popular application may be just what doctor ordered. But the company is not pinning all its hopes only on Words with Friends. Instead, it is also planning to start “Zinga Sports 365”, which would include a social game based on National Football league and another one based on golf.

The company will most certainly regain its reputation and market share with this software. Since other sports, related products are also to be introduced in the near future, and such novelty is desirable, there will be a high demand for the company’s products.

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