Easily Track Cell Phone Location With GPS And Other Services


New technology is coming in on a minute-to-minute basis, and now, you can easily use advanced technology to track the cell phone location of the caller, from anywhere, at anytime. Today’s GPS or Global Positioning Satellite technology, which is there in most of the recent mobile phones, makes it very easily to detect any caller’s location, based on the signals received from local transmission towers.

There are many ways you can track the location of a cell phone user, without the need for any advanced equipment. The Internet offers you many options to do this, only, these services may differ slightly in the way they appear and are used.

Why use software to track cell phone location?
Well, there are many reasons why one may want to track a cell phone location. Sometimes, it is done to trace a stolen mobile phone or, more frequently, the identity of a crank caller. At other times it is just to keep an eye on the location of their child, who might be travelling alone. Companies too make use of this software to trace the location of their employees and also provide some kind of security to them, while they may be on a remote service field.

Using GPS to track cell phone location

The modern GPS technology is really very useful, as it works effectively with most networks, collecting information from transmission tower locations, using a method called triangulation. All that you need to get this technology working are a mobile phone with a GPS chip and GPS-enabled service provider.

GPS tracking makes it especially easier for the police to reach the spot when someone makes an emergency call. Of course, this technology works best in more densely populated areas, where there are more transmission towers.

Tracking cell phone location with Google Latitude

Sometimes, technology is as dangerous as it is advantageous. In some cases, it can lead to complete lack of privacy. Could you imagine, for instance, that you can track a mobile phone location with the help of Google Latitude? The great thing about this is that Google Latitude helps you build a GPS-like network between friends, without actually using GPS technology.

So, with the help of Google Maps or Google Latitude on your phone, you can easily trace your friend’s location, no matter where he/she may be at that given moment. Needless to say, the other person should be having their network on for you to be able to track him/her. Most of the recent Android smartphones, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile 5.0+ and Symbian –powered devices give you the facility of using Google Maps, so tracking cell phone location with Google Latitude is never going to be a problem for such users.

Not only that, you can even use Google Latitude online, via the Internet, to track your friends’ location. So you can well imagine that the future possibilities with this kind of technology are virtually endless – pun intended!

Should you use free or paid cell phone location tracking services?

There are many types of software available online, which help you track cell phone location. Many of these are available free of cost. You merely have to download this software onto your phone or PC and then you are ready to go. Some types of software come for a price – these also come with guarantees of accuracy. That is there benefit. Hence, these may be used by professionals, such as the police and so on. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


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