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Are you a Golfer who simply loves their game and would like to constantly improve upon it? Well, the GolfBuddy GPS is just the thing for you. The GolfBuddy GPS is essentially an advanced range finder device, which analyzes the course using GPS technology and guides you on where to place your best shot, so that you can constantly get better at your game.

There are many Golf range finders in the market, but what sets the GolfBuddy GPS apart is the number of features it offers the user. First and foremost, it does not require an upfront membership or registration process to use the GolfBuddy GPS device. All you need to do is to purchase it to start using it.

Your GolfBuddy GPS instantly recognizes your particular course from among several pre-loaded courses, recognizes your current hole and tell you your next best move. Once you purchase your GolfBuddy GPS model, all the course downloads are available at no extra cost. This bilingual device comes in two colors, Black and Pink, and uses the English and French languages. Offering a 90-day warranty period, you also get excellent service and support in case of doubt or queries.

Features of the GolfBuddy GPS

  • The light-weight, water-resistant, GolfBuddy GPS easily fits into your palm and offers ease of operation with just 3 control buttons, 20000-course capacity, USB support for PC sync, and conforms to USGA/R&A Rulings. It gives the user the exact dimensions of the course, calculates the distance to the next hole and also tells you how far you are from the green.
  • Not only that, the GolfBuddy GPS even shows you a multi-angle view of the hazards along the fairway, such as bunkers, water, cart paths and so on, and goes on with you till you are “At the Green”. Hence, this device could even help you while you are in practice and need to know when to play a modified shot. This type of Shot Distance training gives you expertise in making the right use of all the clubs in your Golf bag.
  • The GolfBuddy GPS has a built-in lithium battery, which can go on for up to 10 hours. This means, you can get two entire rounds of Golf with just one charge. But to be on the safer side, we recommend that you always keep it fully charged for the next use.
  • The GolfBuddy GPS comes in three models, namely, Golf Buddy Plus, Golf Buddy Pro and Golf Buddy Tour. Out of these, the original Golf Buddy Plus has proved to be the most preferred one.

GolfBuddy GPS

Disadvantages of the GolfBuddy GPS

The GolfBuddy GPS, though packed with pluses, also comes with some small issues, as is the case with everything else. Here are some disadvantages of the device:

  • The Golf Buddy Plus supports only Windows 2000, XP and Vista. It does not run on Mac.
  • Some users speak of inaccuracy problems. Sometimes, the distance markers on the sprinkler heads may not exactly be the same as the report given by your golf device. In any case, one cannot totally rely on sprinkler head distances.
  • A few customers have reported lack of after-sales support, though most of them have been satisfied with the service offered.

All-in-all, the GolfBuddy GPS is definitely one of the top players in the market and offer superior service and support. Do take your time to research on the model of your choice before going ahead and purchasing one of them.

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