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A speedometer is an instrument that measures the speed of a vehicle. GPS speedometers are capable of reading speeds based on the distance the receiver has moved since the previous location. The GPS speedometer is an independent system and so it is not subject to the errors normally given by a standard vehicle speedometer. Instead, this device works on positional accuracy, thereby giving more accuracy than any other electronic speedometer. Of course, its accuracy also depends on the quality of the satellite signal available at the time of calculating the distance.

There are many recent mobile GPS speedometer applications available both for free and for purchase. You can find this kind of app, no matter what mobile platform your smartphone works on. In this post, we bring you some popular GPS speedometer apps for Windows Mobile, Android and so on.

GPS Speedo for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC

GPS Speedo is a neat GPS speedometer app for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC smartphones. This app can turn your GPS-enabled device into a portable speedometer for all your vehicles. What is better, this app is available to you totally free of cost.

The digital speed displayed on the screen can be set to miles, knots or even kilometres per hour. Also, the background and display color and brightness can be adjusted according to your preference, to suit multiple light conditions.

Download GPS Speedo online (there are many websites giving you the software), unzip the .exe file, copy the same to your smartphone and then click it to run the auto installer. Installing your GPS speedometer is as simple as that.

GPS Speedo

SpeedView for Android

SpeedView is a very new GPS speedometer app for Google Android powered devices. This is an advanced app that effectively employs the smartphone’s built-in GPS system to give you the top and current speed and also the amount of distance traveled.

SpeedView has successfully tested on Motorola Droid, Nexus One, T-Mobile G1 and Samsung Galaxy. It has now been found to be suitable for driving, running, biking and hiking as well.

A free, ad-supported version of SpeedView for Android is now available for download on Android Market. The paid version, which will have additional features, is coming soon. So hold on tight to your seats – this nice little app is here for your Android smartphone.


BlackBerry speedometer app

Skylab Mobilesystems has come out with a GPS speedometer app for RIM BlackBerry devices. This app tracks speed in multiple units, such as km/h, mi/h, knots (nautical miles per hour) and m/s (meters per second).

Skylab, though, has already suggested that this app, which is quite useful in the great outdoors, does not work great in a city, as tall buildings may end up blocking the GPS signal. This useful app, nevertheless, is just great for taking out on boating trips, hikes and so on. The best thing about Skylab is its huge display, which makes it very easy for reading while on the move.

The system hooks on to both internal and external Bluetooth GPS receivers. The GPS feature can be turned on/off manually. The Skylab GPS speedometer for BlackBerry is very reasonably priced at $2.99. Check out the BlackBerry App World for more info on this application.

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  1. Mark in Boston51 says:

    I tried MYTracks on Droid X, could not make it work, downloaded “Speedometer” app and loved it. Version I used does not specifically list XC skiing, so I used General or Hiking. It does give you vertical feet climbed and descended, top speed, avg speed. cool app!

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  2. Mark in Boston51 says:

    follow-up… tried skiing w Speedometer app – it said I skied over 70 MPH!!! Even when I was a speed hungry kid on long GS skies I doubt I hit 60…. so… tried GPS Speedo app and it seemed very accurate but I can’t figure out how to turn off the satellite feature and it kills my battery!!

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