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GPS holders are getting very popular nowadays, for their utility value and ease of use. These holders merely need to be clipped onto your vehicle before driving. Once in place, they hold your GPS device, so that you can easily navigate turn-by-turn directions offered by your GPS device, without having to worry about the safety of the device. In this post, we bring you some of the most popular GPS devices of 2010.

GIVI S950 GPS Holder

Released just a couple of months back in the United States of America, the S950 GPS holder from GIVI USA includes a universal mount for tube-shaped handlebars, which is most suitable for motorcyclists. The S950 fits into most motorcycles and even some scooters. The unit locks onto the motorcycle by way of its rapid lock/unlock system. It can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. The external cover of the S950 GPS holder is semi-rigid and comes with waterproof zippers and rain cover included. While this cover protects the device from rain, it in no way interferes with its functioning quality.

The S950 is quite versatile, as it is also suitable for your car or your GPS-enabled smartphone. Since it can be viewed both vertically and horizontally, you will never have problems viewing the right directions on your device’s display screen. The S950 also gives access for external cables as well.

Good in every way, the only disadvantage of the S950 GPS holder is its rather steep price. The holder comes at a cost of $75, which might become a major put-off for some potential customers.


All Blacks Rugby GPS Holder

Yet another popular GPS holder is the All Blacks Rugby holder. This GPS holder contains a universal holder, which can effectively fit your Phone, MP3 player, PDA and GPS device. The All Blacks Rugby GPS holder has adjustable arms that permit units from 40mm to 80mm wide and from 20mm to 24mm deep to fit snugly into it. The big advantage of this very useful holder is that it can clip into most air vents.

The All Blacks Rugby GPS holder costs NZ$40.

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CommuteMate NavCup GPS Holder

The CommuteMate NavCup GPS, manufactured by Heininger, holder secures your GPS device on the dashboard of your car. The wide, slip-proof base, plus the included DashGrip pad ensure that the CommuteMate NavCup stays in place while you drive to your destination.

The unit is made up of a universally sized, soft, spongy material that gently cradles almost all GPS-enabled devices. The window mount never comes in the way of general driving view and while the unit sits snugly on your vehicle, it also leaves behind no sticky residue on the dashboard. The best thing about this system is that you can keep your GPS plugged in while you drive, as the CommuteMate NavCup has in-built cable apertures to route your charger. This unit also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Check out the video below, of the CommuteMate Nav Cup GPS holder.

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