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Living with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can be a really painful experience. Not only is it a slowly degenerative disease, but there is also always the fear that the patient may one day wander off somewhere and never remember how to return. Most Alzheimer’s patients do have this common tendency to become lost and many of them cannot be tracked for hours or even days together. How can you be worry-free living with such a person? Thankfully, GPS tracking devices available today can prove to be of great help for the families of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

How do GPS tracking devices work for Alzheimer’s patients?

GPS or Global Positioning System devices are now commonly used for a variety of tracking and mapping purposes, such as to track people, to find the location of a particular place and so on. Using such a device on a victim of Alzheimer’s disease can be of great help, as it helps you keep track of each of their movements.

Using GPS tracking watches or necklaces, which can be locked onto the person, will ensure that you never lose track of the patient’s whereabouts. These devices keep working all day, and so, you would be able to locate the person even if he or she managed to stray away from home.

Using GPS tracking devices that support live Internet tracking are even better, since you would be able to locate the person in real time. Of course, such live services also come for an extra monthly fee ranging from $10-$20 a month.

  • Wherify Satellite Wristwatch GPS Locator

The Wherify satellite wristwatch works as a great GPS locator. Designed to look very much like your regular digital wristwatch, it also helps you track and pinpoint your loved one’s exact location at any given moment.

This device cleverly combines GPS technology with the nationwide PCS network available in the US. In order to locate your loved one, you merely need to sign in to the Website with your ID and password to view a detailed map. Alternatively, you can even contact support via a specified toll-free number, in order to be given the closest street address.

Since you can lock on Wherify to the patient’s wrist, you can rest assured that the person in question is safe and that you can always bring him or her back home. This device can be unlocked by pressing a certain sequence of buttons either on the device or even remotely.

Wherify is water-resistant to a depth of up to 8 feet and can do about 40 locates, depending on the service fee you choose. The battery lasts up to 6 hours and the location can be tracked within a distance of 10 feet up to 90 feet.

Wherify costs $399 and the monthly service fee ranges from $25 to $49.

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  • Keruve 2010

CEAFA and Vision Localization Systems have come out with yet another GPS tracking device for Alzheimer patients, called the Keruve 2010. This one is made up of two aspects – a base station which helps pinpoint the person’s location and a nice tracking wristwatch device too.

Better than its previous versions, the Keruve 2010 is discreet and is available in a variety of gents, ladies and even unisex watches. The watch works on four different tracking systems, which gives you complete, uncompromised coverage.

The base station has a 4.2” display screen with an ergonomic design. The Keruve 2010 costs about €950 and is available for sale worldwide.

It is true that GPS tracking systems for Alzheimer’s patients do not come cheap. But it is also true that no price is steep enough if it ensures the safety of your loved ones. Browse the various products available in the market today before making your final choice.

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