Review: The Latest Garmin Edge 800 Cycling GPS


Garmin had recently announced its latest Edge 800 cycling GPS device. This product comes with full satellite navigation and a large backlit touchscreen display. In this post, we bring you a review of the Garmin Edge 800.


The Garmin Edge 800 cycling GPS device is much like its predecessor, the Edge 500 – only it is slightly bigger. More like the Edge 705 features-wise, this one is far more power-packed than most cycling computers.

The Garmin Edge 800 is longer and wider than most of earlier models. But it can easily be hooked onto your bike and gives you a wide array of functions to choose from. If you are looking for a small-sized device though, this may not be the one for you.

Garmin Edge 800


The touchscreen has only three buttons and the display can show up to ten bits of information. The buttons are easy to use, even with gloves. The microSD card helps you store Garmin’s City Navigator or TOPO maps, which gives you turn-by-turn directions to your destination. You can also get high resolution 2D and aerial views of the same.

Other features include a 15-hour battery life and wireless receiver which helps third-party power meter integration, cadence sensor, quicker satellite location and so on. This cycling GPS also helps you use it with different bikes and gives you more or less accurate calorie counts and other configurations.

There are a couple of problems with some features though. Firstly, while the screen displays hi-res images when the backlight is on, the numbers and characters can look a little faded while it is not backlit.

Secondly and most importantly, the percent grade display is not working great with all the new sets. The post-drive data, though, is pretty much accurate and the device records elevation changes quite well. The development team recognizes this problem and is already working on it. They are also trying to incorporate options for better visibility, so these small teething troubles should be dealt with soon, mostly after a firmware upgrade.

The setup is convenient and easy even for beginners who do not quite know to configure a cycling GPS. But the amount of options available may initial scare the first-time user. The new premium soft-touch strap is great for those who rely on heart-rate data. It is comfy to wear on you and it also accurately records electrical signals as soon as you put in on yourself.


The device is priced at $449 for the standalone version of the device and $649 for pre-configured version. This is pretty expensive, especially for casual users.

Pros and cons of the Garmin Edge 800 Cycling GPS


  • Impressive looks-wise
  • Great functionality
  • Easy to setup and use
  • More or less accurate


  • Display a bit fuzzy without backlight
  • Percent grade display not up to the mark yet
  • Price too steep for most users


Though going through initial hiccups, the Garmin Edge 800 is definitely a huge improvement over all the other models so far. We only wish the device were not quite so expensive, but then, good things do come at a price, right, guys?

Our final verdict is that the Garmin Edge 800 cycling GPS is definitely worth more than just a look. So do check it out online or at retail stores.


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