The 5 Best Handhelds GPS Devices For 2010


There are a whole lot of handheld GPS sets coming into the market on an everyday basis. These include the ones that are auto handhelds as well as sports devices. In this post, we bring you a list of the top 5 handheld GPS devices, so far, for the year 2010.

As you will notice, Garmin is the one in the lead. There are a couple of other manufacturers, but this company sure is still going strong.

Garmin nuvi 1490T

The Garmin nuvi 1490T has received a good response from users and critics alike. It is bigger, faster, easier to use and much better than its predecessors. This handheld GPS uses a combination of traffic messaging, junction view and Bluetooth hands-free on its 5” display, to deliver excellent performance.

This device can easily be mounted onto the windshield and comes with a host of handy accessories as well.

Some users, though complain that since the screen is so big, it can obscure the view of the road. Though traffic messaging is useful, it is not always accurate. Also, voice quality is sometimes disturbed and unclear. Constant pop-up ads cannot be controlled or stopped, so that is a constant nuisance with this set.

Garmin nuvi 1450

The Garmin nuvi 1450 comes with a nice 5” touchscreen display that is easy to use and gives good navigation. Additionally, this one gives you ecoRoute options, support for USB and microSD and 2D/3D maps. The maps and safety alerts provided to the user are pretty much accurate.

What is missing is an AC adapter, that would have been nice on the whole. Some users also wish for a music player, which would probably help them ease tension on the road. But this cannot really be considered a negative.

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TomTom XXL 550TM

This device has a 5” wide screen and comes with preloaded maps of the US, Mexico and Canada and over 7 million places of interest. Other features include Advanced Lane Guidance, IQ Routes, EasyPort mount and Map Share.

The negatives are that the screen is not bright enough and it cannot power off with the vehicle. There is no list of upcoming turns and the mount may just detach itself if you change the angle of the unit.

Garmin Oregon 450

This is the latest in the Garmin sports GPS device line. It comes with a tri-axial compass, advanced track nav, custom maps, BirdsEye aerial views, barometric altimeter and geocaching support. It works as a good mount too.

The downside of the Garmin Oregon 450, though, is that its sunlight visibility is not always so good.

Magellan eXplorist GC

This is one of the few paperless geocaching devices in the market today. This rugged, waterproof handheld GPS comes with a full-color display, that does not fade even in direct sunlight. The round-edged, pebble-type design and the rubberized feel of it gives the user a good grip, but it is a tad bit too thick to fit into one’s pocket.

The bad thing with this device, though, is that it does not possess a touchscreen. There is no internal compass either, so that is one more negative. This notwithstanding, it is worth giving the set a look.


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