Top GPS Navigation Apps For Your BlackBerry Smartphone


The most used mobile application by most smartphone users are GPS navigation apps. There is a huge variety of GPS apps available to such users, both free and paid and also for a variety of mobile devices. In this post, we bring reviews of 3 top GPS navigation apps for the BlackBerry smartphone.

  • Navi2Go for BlackBerry

The Navi2Go GPS navigation app for BlackBerry is one of the coolest ever apps you can find. The unique thing about this app is that it looks almost like a Google Maps apps in satellite view. This app comes with some impressive features and is easy to use as well.

It is very convenient when you can get turn-by-turn directions to your destination. But this app takes it one step further by offering users an aerial 3D perspective of the entire location. This becomes very easy for you to pinpoint the exact location.

The Navi2Go app is compatible with most BlackBerry models and is available for a nominal paid subscription. It is also available in the UK, so that is an added plus.

One drawback of this app is that most of the screenshots have an hourglass figure on them, which is quite distracting at times. Besides, the subscription price is pretty steep. There are 3 packages to choose from – $39 for 3 months, $69 for 6 months and $120 for an annual package. This price can discourage potential users.


  • amAze GPS for BlackBerry

The best thing about the amAze GPS app for BlackBerry is that the basic version is available free of charge. Simple to understand and use, this app gives users accurate turn-by-turn image and voice directions.

The enhanced mode can help the driver actually see his or her exact location on the roads, which becomes very convenient for navigating the roads. This premium version is available for about $34 for an annual subscription package.

This app also lets you view and report red light cameras and speed traps. Besides, you can also maintain a favorites list if you so wish. That is an added advantage.

The disadvantage is that this app’s menu makes it pretty inconvenient to use while driving. Hence, it is better to first set up your route before you actually start driving to your destination.

  • TeleNav GPS Navigator for BlackBerry

The TeleNav GPS navigator is known to be one of the most popular GPS navigation apps for BlackBerry. This is a server-based app, which means that you no more need to manually update your maps. All this is done automatically, by way of the app connecting to the TeleNav server, using your BlackBerry data connection.

The disadvantage here is that you stand to lose all information in case you lose connection. But the preview mode helps you access all the directions if you have set up your route before starting.

You can use the app in 3 ways – you can type in the address, speak out the address or even input the same in your PC before leaving home. The map is displayed in 2D or 3D as per your preference and the zoom function is a great help as well.

Other useful features include the Biz Finder, Compass, Gas Finder and Bluetooth GPS Receiver, which you can use at a nominal additional tariff.

There are many more GPS navigation apps available for BlackBerry users. Browse the Web, ask around and take your pick.


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