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Crime is alarmingly on the increase today. While most of us are thankfully shielded from any kind of harm most of our lives, there are numerous families that lose their children, especially girls, to abduction and kidnapping. This being the case, using a tracking device to know the whereabouts of your child will give you immense peace of mind, knowing that he or she is safe always and can be located wherever they go. Real-time GPS tracking for children ensures their complete safety at all times.

There are a whole lot of new GPS tracking devices in the market today, which are designed to be used for children’s safety, also finding which areas they most frequent. This is especially great for parents whose children are used to staying away from home for relatively long periods of time, without giving them their exact whereabouts.

Benefits of using real-time GPS tracking for children

  • GPS tracking systems work throughout the day, irrespective of the location or the weather out there.
  • These devices are also very accurate, thanks to their using advanced satellite positioning technology available today.
  • GPS tracking systems are usually very small and lightweight, and hence can be attached to your child’s clothing or backpack. There are also models which you can strap onto your child’s wrist, which becomes even more convenient.
  • Cell phone tracker software installed onto your child’s mobile phone ensures that you can keep an eye on his or her location for the entire time he or she is out of home. Sometimes, the service provider may charge you a nominal additional subscription fee for using this service.
  • Once the security software has been installed onto your own PC at home, you can connect the two devices and then start keeping track of your child’s location.

There has been many a time when the police have been able to successfully nab kidnappers with the use of GPS tracking software. God forbid, but if your child should ever be confronted by an abductor, this device can come of great use for both you and the police to find and rescue him or her in no time at all.

Real-time GPS Tracker reviews

Here are reviews of two of the best GPS trackers for children:

  • WorldTracker GPRS

This GPS tracking device is small, compact, very lightweight, yet high-performance device, which gives you value for money. It works well both indoors and outdoors and also brings high-class web-based location reporting to its customers.

Supporting 3D tracking via Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth and offering many alerting and reporting facilities, this device gives you automatic and instant real-time updates once every 15 seconds.

The disadvantages of the WorldTracker GPRS are that it is only functional as long as the device is within cellular coverage area. Also, price might be another issue that discourages potential customers. The device costs about $600, with $69 charge for monthly subscription.

But considering the advantages of this device, price should not be a very big concern.

WorldTracker GPRS

  • Amber Alert GPS

Yet another efficient real-time GPS tracking device, Amber Alert GPS gives you all the features you would want, without burning a hole in your pocket. Good for indoor and outdoor use, this device also has an SOS button, which can send messages to up to 5 people at one and the same time.

The Amber Alert GPS also supports Geo-Fencing and can send speed alerts, if for instance, your kid is driving too fast for his safety.

This device comes at a mere $200, which is very reasonable for all the features it offers. Monthly service costs range between $19.99 and $49.99, depending on the pricing package you decide to choose.

The only disadvantage of this device is that you can only use it on a smartphone, and not on ordinary mobile phones.

Amber Alert GPS

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