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GPS technology has today truly come of age, with people using these services for a variety of purposes. While GPS tracking services can be used for almost everything from tracking children to finding location and so on, it is particularly useful for cars and other vehicles. In fact, a lot of fleet owners also prefer to install GPS tracking devices on their vehicles. Not only does this let the drivers find locations easily, but it also helps the owners precisely locate their vehicles and keep track of them.

In today’s post, we bring you useful information on car GPS tracking services and how to locate the best car GPS tracking service to suit your needs.

How GPS works

GPS uses satellites to accurately locate your vehicle’s position. GPS tracking allows you not only to find locations, but also trace your vehicle in case of theft.

Installing a real time service allows you to connect to the Internet and update information automatically, from anywhere on the globe. Of course, this service also comes at an additional fee.

You can also install GPS data loggers, which will track your vehicle in case it is stolen. It will give you precise information about where your vehicle was driven, thereby letting you locate it with ease.

GPS car tracking services are used widely by surveillance officers in order to track vehicles, their speed, accident spots, thefts and so on. These services also help them in pinpointing and tracking a suspicious looking vehicle, as and when the need arises.

In many cases, car GPS tracking systems are used by detectives to trace a suspect’s movements in and around the city.

Sony PSP-290 GPS

Selecting the right car GPS tracking system

Before making your final choice of GPS system, you will have to consider the following issues:

  • You will have to decide how much you are willing to pay for the product and for the monthly service charge. Then find products in your budget range, compare prices and then make your selection based on that. In case you only want a basic service, do not go for the monthly subscription.
  • Systems like Lojack and Teletracer, though not conventional GPS devices, transmit a signal to the monitoring station, thereby alerting them of theft. This system comes with a monthly service fee, which eventually works out to much less than traditional GPS devices.
  • Tracking systems offered by RoadTrac and other give you the benefit of tracking your vehicle live on a PC. Many such systems also come with additional cellular communication with a monitoring officer. These systems are of great value, as they also warn vehicle monitoring officers of a medical emergency when required. In case you leave the car keys inside the car, you can also use this system to contact the central office and receive directions to unlock your car door.
  • Ask around about your desired GPS device before purchasing it. Find out if the support is competent enough to handle all your issues and if the communication system will be trouble-free for you. Also find out if the particular company shares good relations with the police department. This will help you locate your vehicle in the unfortunate event of theft.

In conclusion, there are several hundreds of car GPS tracking services available to you in the market. Consider all the above aspects before making your final choice and remain safe always.

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