Epson Introduces the World’s Lightest GPS Watch


Fitness and the acquisition of fitness gadgets are becoming the staple mantra for the current generation of health-conscious youngsters. There is now also an associated craze for fitness-tracking devices. Accordingly, more and more companies are manufacturing such gadgets, in order to cash in on the present trend, also to meet the heightened consumer demand for the same. The latest such market entrant is quite an unlikely competitor. Epson, which is most known for its printers, scanners and projectors, is now introducing the world’s lightest GPS watch.

This Epson GPS watch, which is only 13mm thick, is especially designed for runners and other athletes. The company claims that this device would offer users more accurate readings and a much longer battery life, lasting up to 12 hours on just one charge. What is better, this watch also comes with waterproof casing and can survive submersion in up to 50 meters of water.

The GPS-enabled watch, which can be strapped around the user’s wrist, is so designed as to keep giving the runner accurate information about the speed of running, distance covered and so on.

As most of you would be aware, Garmin has been the leader for long. This brand name is now synonymous with fitness and fitness gadgets; and so, it probably would be initially difficult for Epson to find a foothold in this niche market.

Epson plans to release this product in Japan, later this year, as its very first entry into the field of fitness. It has not yet announced the price of its featherweight GPS watch. We promise to bring you more information on this as and when we get the same.

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  1. Sameer says:

    Thats really cool to see Epson with new innovations..

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  2. Torben says:

    Good to see Garmin gets attacked on it’s weak IPX7 immersion protection which is just a pita.

    I hope water resistance up to 50 meters becomes the new standard all around the GPS watch market asap. Without Ant+ sensors compatibility this will Epson watch will become a failure by design.

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  3. Christine Jane says:

    This looks so retro! I love it. But I guess Ill have to hold on to my Timex GPS Running Watch a little longer until it comes out. Btw, excellent article. Thanks for posting this!

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