Independa Adds Telcare Glucose Monitoring to its Telehealth Services


Independa has now announced the incorporation of Telcare glucose monitoring into its suite of services for the elderly, which can be used by caregivers to constantly keep track of their health and well-being. Telcare’s advanced glucose testing features include immediate transmission of the results to both the professional caregiver as well as Independa’s care management cloud.

Telcare’s Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) is the world’s first cellular glucose meter, which also functions as a fully mobile health monitoring system. While this meter is handy for the elderly who also like to travel around, it is especially convenient to caregivers who can remotely monitor their patients’ blood sugar levels. Telcare’s new, award-winning BGM has also obtained the necessary FDA clearance for medical apps.

Independa’s CEO, Kian Saneii, has this to say about the unique product: “By introducing Telcare’s glucose monitoring system to our Integrated CloudCare™ suite, we’re adding flexibility and providing another option to help caregivers cost-effectively monitor the precise health status of elderly care recipients without time-consuming personal visits or ineffective telephone calls.”

All information received via a Telcare glucometer is sent to Telcare’s central server, which will then deliver the same to Independa’s cloud-based Caregiver Web App. This app provides users a control panel, which can be accessed from anywhere, via their desktop, laptop or other mobile device.

Independa will soon be working along with its channel partners to make this Telcare glucose monitoring facility available to both professional and home-based caregivers as well as institutions dedicated to the care of the elderly.

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