3 Best Car Stereo System With An iPod Connection


Many of the latest car stereo systems today come with the fabulous feature of a full-speed iPod connection, which is truly great for iPod freaks out there. This system essentially helps fast and “intelligent” transfer of data from the iPod to the stereo’s display, thereby enabling the user to gain full control over playback, search and other functions of the system. It is important that the driver of the vehicle be able to easily navigate the iPod menu while also keeping his or her eye on the road. In this article, we bring you the 3 best car stereo systems with an iPod connection.

Alpine iDA-X305

The Alpine iDA-X305 comes with a great-looking matte-finish faceplate design, two-way encoder control system and QuickSearch feature that enables you to scan large libraries in no time at all. This also includes add-on modules for expansion of your data.

The Alpine iDA-X305 is great for those of you who are hooked onto MP3, WMA and AAC audio. The system is based on the previous success formular developed by the iDA-X100 receiver. This helps fast browsing of digital media, while cleverly combining the clarity and conveniences of your iPod or iPhone.

The only problem that one could point out here is the lack of a CD player, which would have been a definite plus. The Alpine iDA-X305 is priced at $159.00-$265.00.

Alpine iDA-X305

Pioneer AVIC-U310BT

The Pioneer AVIC-U310BT offers support for digital audio playback from MP3 players, iPods and USB storage devices as well. There is also onboard support for Bluetooth hands-free calling and automatic data transfer from a paired device.

This car stereo system comes with a touchscreen display, which can also be detached for use outside your vehicle. All these features of the Pioneer AVIC-U310BT also come with a very reasonable, affordable price of $440.00.

The problem though, with this car stereo system, is that the preloaded library is limited and offers very little choice to the user. The menu may seem too cluttered for some users. Also, there is no video playback option – this would have been most desired.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

The Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT is a wonderful car stereo system featuring multimedia and DVD playback, Bluetooth hands-free calling and GPS navigation as well. What is really unique about this system is that it also includes most advanced features such as voice control for the main principal functions, support for importing of contacts and the upgrade facility for MSN Direct.

The voice control facility is especially good for those on the move, as they do not need to take their hands off the wheel while driving. Simply giving a command helps them finish their task effortlessly, without them having to do anything else about it.

In short, the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT provides just about everything you are looking for in an iPod car stereo system. Offering a great mobile audio and video experience, the navigation system can be upgraded to receive the latest traffic information.

One problem with this system is that performing voice tag indexing on your iPod can be tiresome. To avail MSN Direct, you will require other accessories, which will cost more.

Pricing of the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT ranges from $47.00-$1,379.99, depending upon the features that you are looking for.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

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