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3D HDTVs have become extremely popular today as high-end consumer electronic items. While there are so many people out there who have the means and are also willing to spend that extra money on this electronic gadget, the main problem is the general lack of information on this subject. Here, we bring you a useful 3D HDTV buying guide for you. Hope this helps you choose the right 3D HDTV for your home.

Viewing experience at home

You should keep in mind that watching 3D content at home in your HDTV will be a very different experience from watching it the same in a movie theater. The screen at home will be small and the viewing distance will be much closer at home as well.

Studies have shown that the actual 3D effect is more enjoyable only when viewed from a good enough distance. This is why the entire experience is so effective in a movie theater. This might not be the case at home, where you cannot normally have such a distance between yourself and the TV monitor.

You also need to know that your 3D HDTV will need a larger screen for the best 3D illusion to be created for you.

Evolving technology

3D technology has been around for a long time. Through all these years, it has evolved and seen many, many changes. It continues to grow and evolve even now. Before actually going in for a new 3D HDTV, you first need to think of the type of the accessories involved here, which will help you make the most of your new TV.

Purchasing a Blu-ray 3D player and active shutter 3D glasses, for example, will let you get the fullest experience of the 3D picture on screen.

Panasonic 3D HDTV

Constant upgradation

Because the technology is constantly changing, you will also have to think of upgrading your device regularly. What was there 6 months ago is no more here and upgrading your HDTV every once in a while may prove to be very expensive. For instance, features such as internet connectivity and LED backlighting are fairly recent.

Keeping up with advancing technology will mean that you may even have to change your TV set, as the older model or older accessories may not support the most recent features. You will have to give a thought to this aspect too, before going in for your purchase.

3D glasses

Most people hate only one thing about watching 3D – wearing the 3D glasses to watch a show. This can be irritating while watching a long show or film, but it also does let you enjoy your show.

Some very advanced Full HD 1080p HDTVs can actually produce 3D images, but these models are few and are usually too expensive for most people’s budget.

Package deals

Big players such as Sony, Samsung and Panasonic are smart enough to package their 3D HDTVs with a 3D starter kit, which typically includes 3D glasses, Blu-ray 3D player and Blu-ray titles, which are usually the exclusive right of that particular company.

This deal works out well for customers who may otherwise have to cough up anywhere between $400 and $500 for the extra accessories. Each company comes with their own deals and offers.

There are many brands and models of 3D HDTVs coming into the market today. You will have to check each one of them and their features before making your final purchase. Happy shopping!


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