All About Car Back-Up Cameras


A car back-up camera is always a very useful tool for owners of private transport vehicles. Sometimes, these nifty little devices actually can prove to be life-saving, to the car, the one at the wheel and also the pedestrian.

Most accidents, it is seen, usually happen while trying to back out of driveways or generally reversing from a point on the curb. This happens especially when the car in question is huge, such as like an SUV. A car back-up camera in such cases, can come of great use to avoid such major and minor accidents, as it gives you the exact view of what is behind your car.

How does a car back-up camera work?

The back-up camera is usually attached to the license plate of the care and this is what transmits a video clipping to the monitor that is attached to the dashboard of your vehicle.

The camera gets activated the moment you put the car in reverse gear, helping you see if it is totally safe to back-up your vehicle without hitting anything or anyone.

Car back-up cameras are priced round the $150-$300 range, so it is quite worth it, considering that paying for vehicle repairs, time and again, can prove to be much more expensive than that!

Installing a car back-up camera

It is very easy to Install a car back-up camera in your vehicle and you can do it all by yourself. You will need an electrical tape, sheet metal tape, electric drill, wire pull, hole edge protectors, wire cutters, cleaner and of course, the camera kit.

Wired and wireless cameras

You have a choice of a camera with wires or a wireless device. While the wireless device can be easily attached anywhere at all, the wired ones need the wires running through the headliners of the vehicle. Both these types of cameras are equally efficient.

Installing the kit

After drilling a hole in the place you want to install the camera, you can place a gasket ring into it, so that the wires are protected from damage. Place the camera at an angle you can best view it.

The monitor base can be installed over the bracket of the rear view mirror. You can fix this with a two-sided tape on the windshield. Then secure the set with the sheet metal tape and remember to connect the grounding wire to the car’s metal body.

Use the wire pull to guide the wiring through the liners of the entire vehicle. Keep some spare length of the wire at the cargo area and connect the controller unit with both the camera and the backup light.

Install the override switch

Open up the radio system and drill a hole into the dashboard. Use a gasket ring to protect the wires and connect diode and switch using the wires. Then connect the wiring system to the radio. This step takes the maximum time.

Test the system thoroughly to see that everything is working properly. Only then should you put all the systems back in their place.


A car back-up camera system is definitely worth your time, money and effort, so do invest in one. You can find good products either in a retail store or even online. Look through product reviews, compare prices and choose the best camera for your vehicle.


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