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An LED backlit TV is an LCD TV, which employs the use of LED backlighting, instead of the usual cold cathode fluorescent lighting, as is used in traditional LCD TV sets. This kind of lighting creates a thinner panel and much lesser power consumption than traditional LCD TVs. It also gives a brighter display and better contrast levels, while generating a lot less heat than the usual LCD TVs. In this post, we bring you all the info you need on LCD backlit TVs.

Why purchase an LED backlit TV?

  • Normal LCD TVs do not offer the kind of contrast ratios offered by LED backlit TVs. Since they use cold cathode fluorescent lamps that cannot be turned off while the set is working, they cannot produce rich images, as there is always a bit of light on the screen. This does not create the desired effect, especially if the image is meant to look dark. LED backlit TVs offer a contrast ratio of up to 10,000,000:1, which is way better than traditional LCD TVs.
  • The other thing about LED backlit TVs is their slimness. These manufacturers are now able to create TVs that are thinner than ever before. Actually, many of the latest LED backlit TVs look more like a picture hung on the wall than a traditional TV!
  • LED TVs support local dimming and so, all images will look better on this screen and the display resolution will be remarkably better than before.


Points to consider before purchasing an LED backlit TV

Considering the variety of products today, it will definitely get difficult for you to decide the right kind of LED TV for your home. Remember, it should not only give you a better user experience, but should also generally gel with the rest of your home decor.

The following are some points you should consider before you go in for your final purchase:

  • Features

Go for an LED backlit TV with local dimming. This will automatically dim the backlight during dark portions of your video or movie, giving you the desired lighting and contrast effects. Also choose a slim TV, as this will look nice while mounted on a wall.

  • Display resolution

Choose an LED TV with a fast refresh rate. Traditional TV sets refresh at 60Hz. Some of the best LED backlit TVs refresh at 240Hz or maybe even faster. Also go for a set which gives you a response time of 3ms or faster. This will give you clear picture even when the objects on screen are moving really fast, such as in sports, action movies and gaming.

  • Ports and connections

Many advanced LED TVs offer at least four HDMI inputs plus an Ethernet port, standard component video inputs and PC input. There are some that additionally come with Wi-Fi and memory card slot. Go for a set that gives you the maximum number of these built-in ports and connections.

  • Help and support

If you intend to purchase your product online, make sure that you will get enough help and support from the company, post the purchase. Most companies offer 24-hour helplines, email support, online user manuals and so on. Find out how soon the company will respond to your queries and sort out your problems.

It would pay to research online and ask a few friends before making your final decision on the choice of product.

  • Price

Price is another very important issue. You should decide how much you are willing to pay for your LED backlit TV, before actually shopping for it. Decide on the features you are looking for, make a note of all the brands which come within your budget and then make your final decision.


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