Amazon Launches Fire TV Box that Supports Streaming of 4K Ultra High Definition Content


Amazon Fire TV BoxApple recently chose not to introduce 4K in its TV Box. This created a window of opportunity for another technology giant, i.e., Amazon. The company promptly launched Amazon Fire TV Box that is equipped for streaming 4K content (UHD).

Amazon’s Prime Instant Video

Amazon is already spending considerable sum towards distribution as well as the development of 4K UHD streaming. Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, which is a platform, will be used for such streaming service. Considering the availability of the content, and the control on it, it makes sense to have some power on set-top boxes as well. This is the reason Amazon released its second generation set top box, i.e., Fire TV Box, which includes support to traditional HD as well as 4K UHD. The user, however, would need a TV that supports 4K. Also, the user would need the internet with speeds of almost 20Mbps.


Amazon has come up with amazingly affordable and almost unbeatable price for 4K UHD streaming. As of now, the company will only charge $99.99 for streaming the content using the new set-top box. This price includes streaming of HD content as well.


With Apple out of the race, Amazon will be the only player for a while offering a television box that can be used for streaming such high-resolution content. Effectively, Amazon’s market share will be higher. In so far as gadgets world is concerned, this can only mean that HD is on its way out, and 4K UHD content will become popular henceforth.

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