Amazon Supply for Businesses Beta Opened


Amazon has been expanding its market to a lot of things. Some notable websites that are under them includes AbeBooks, Book Depository, DPReview, Endless and so much more. May it be computers, books or even photography, Amazon has it covered. However, that isn’t enough because Amazon had decided to open up another online branch of product called the Amazon Supply.

Amazon Supply isn’t just for anyone but it is rather tuned to businesses and scientific labs. This is because most of the things that are sold here include things such as fasteners, power and hand tool, power transmission equipment and a few others. In fact, in most cases, these aren’t things that the average customer would use either but something that would benefit the manufacturing industry instead.

There are a few good things that come out of the Amazon Supply. Businesses can pay with their line of credit which is certainly handy to any type of businesses. In addition to that, any purchases above $50 will be eligible for 2-day shipping. However, like most Amazon websites, this works only in United States addresses only. All in all, we do find that the Amazon Supply to be a great addition for an already good business.

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