Apple iTV in 2012 to have Sharp Screens


Apple iTV is in news everywhere and according to the sources; it will be released in the mid-2012. It is heard that iTV Apple television will iPad 3 “Retina Display” panels along with HDTV screens from Sharp.

Apple’s Strategy

Just recently, Apple has bought its manufacturing equipment just to cover the hardware costs which is somewhere between $500 m and $1 billion and very soon, Apple will start its production of iPhone as well as iPad displays. The decision of owing manufacturing equipment is indeed a good thing as this will help Apple to control their manufacturing and secure supply at a comparatively lower price.

iTV Functionalities

The high costs associated with the displays were a drawback and Apple has done the right job. Though the exact functionality of iTV is not yet known but it is certain that the ulterior motive behind the iTV is to replace the traditional remote control. The icing on the cake is; the iTV has been designed integrating all the aspects of cloud-based multimedia iOS 5.0 and iCloud. Apart from that, it gives the ability to purchase as well as rent content directly from the TV set itself.

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