Apple Planning to Introduce a New TV Set Top Box Including Game Store


Apple TV set top boxRumors that Apple is planning to launch a new set top box that will facilitate gaming as well are almost confirmed to be true. Gadgets world can look forward to additional hardware inclusion in Apple TV Set Top box within 2014.

Starting changes with Apple TV

Apple TV will be duly modified to make them compatible with gaming software and hardware. As of now, Apple gadgets users can link their iPads, and iPhones apart from iPods to their Apple TVs. Effectively they are able to play the game from their iPads on Apple TV, using the controls available on iPad. This linking between two different devices is achieved using wireless technology. In the case of new Apple TV people could play games directly on Apple TV without any intermediary.

Market’s Expectations

For now, the market is not expecting Apple to give access to all games. However, the market expects a game store so that user can decide which game to play. This means Apple may not yet include some of its latest prime sense technologies in either Apple TV or the set top box.

Though Apple was a pioneer in gaming field, it had left other gaming devices such as Xbox One, and Playstation to reap the profits. However, console gaming is witnessing rapid developments, and this time, Apple also wants its share in the pie.

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