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Are you thinking in terms of purchasing home inspection software? While this was a fairly simple task at one time, what with only a few vendors in this business, it has become a complicated task to go through the various home inspection programs available to your today and make your final purchase. With each company trying to outdo the other on the marketing and advertising front, it can get quite confusing for you to choose the right one for your home inspection needs.

In this article, we bring you useful information on purchasing home inspection software.

  • Features over price

Many of us tend to think that more expensive would automatically mean better quality. But this may not be so all the time, especially where it concerns home inspection software. Unnecessary extra frills will invariably result in an increase in price.

Essentially, good software is one that should ideally make it easy for you to inspect houses and produce inspection reports accurately. So look for the features that the software offers you.

  • Features you should look for

There may be several reasons why you wish to purchase this software. It could be for creating home inspection reports, schedule appointments, insert pictures of the house, install the time management feature, road maps and mileage management and so on.

Before finalizing your purchase, do take a look at all the additional features the particular company offers you, plus the optional ones that might be of added value to you.

Also look at the pricing aspect in relation to the features. Is it really worth spending that much money on the particular product? Are the extra features worth it for the price? Will you need to purchase additional licenses? Will you be getting upgrades automatically or should you be paying for those too? Check out all these points before making your decision.


  • Types of home inspection reports

Did you know that there are various types of home inspection reports? Well, for those uninformed, there are three types of home inspection reports, namely, checklist, narrative and hybrid.

The checklist type is very convenient as it lets you create accurate and to-the-point reports. But the downside here is that it restricts the amount of information you can place into it. This could cause trouble in the future, as clients may perceive that vital information had been withheld at the time of reporting.

The narrative type of reports is better, as it allows you more flexibility with reporting, giving you more space to insert comments and such. But the problem here is that checklists are absent in this kind of reporting and so, the client may feel that the inspector has gone on rambling aimlessly with the report.

The hybrid variety includes the best features of both these types of reports and hence, they are the most ideal as well. In most cases, it is seen that real estate agents use the narrative type of reports.

  • Multi-platform compatibility

This is the age of mobile devices. Hence, you should also check if your desired software is compatible over a range of devices and platforms. Does the software work with all your computers and other mobile gadgets? Will it easily upgrade on all the devices? Does it offer a good degree of sync with all the devices? What are the minimum PC requirements for installation of this software?

Look into all of the above and request a complete demo of the product before choosing it.

  • After-sales support

Find out about the after-sales support that the company has to offer you. Enquire about the time they will take to get back to you in case of trouble. Also ensure that they can be reached via several mediums, such as telephone, fax, email, live chat and so on. Find out if they offer these services free of cost or at a nominal charge.

  • Ask around

Ask around about the various types of home inspection software available in the market. Compare prices and read reviews of the same before purchasing the software of your choice.


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