C Seed 2011 – the largest outdoor TV in the world



Global Bright Group, world leader in the production of LED displays, in collaboration with some great specialists from the Porsche Design Studio have created a cutting-edge outdoor TV, limited edition, with a display of 11 square meters. This will definitely impress you and your friends.

The device rises on a pillar of 4.6 meters in 15 seconds and has a foldable display, which operates seven panels’ components, forming a single surface, informs Elte Traveler.

The waterproof TV can be installed on any patio or glass surface. Has a degree of rotation of 270 degrees, three channel audio systems with 15 speakers and remote control available to ensure the maximum visibility from any angle or distance. Just think about this gadget and what would the future bring to us.

Completion of this project involved four years of work, passion for innovation, technology and design, all contribute to a great product, designed to combine elegance with a futuristic style in outdoor format, resistant to all kinds of climates and able to provide an excellent definition even in the daylight.

C Seed 2011 is currently the world’s largest outdoor TV, a true work of art in this area and will be available from September this year.

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