D-Link MainStage Adapter – Integrating Laptop with Your HDTV


The technology has provided the users with numerous types of innovative gadgets. One such recent appearance is MainStage Adapter – a product from D-Link, which can impart an entirely new experience to the users while they watch movies, videos and play games on large screen.

Innovative Features of the Adapter

The device comes with a HDMI or A/V cable by which users can connect their laptops to the TVs. The video is viewed by using a router based system. The adapter is compatible with wireless display enabled device. The high quality video is due to the graphics driver present, built-in visuals devices, compatibility with the media player to support high quality sound and Intel Wi-Di software.

Meeting the expectations of Tech Lovers

Users can view high quality video because the device allows the users to connect their laptop to wide screen HDTVs. In this way, the device converts the Intel core powered notebook into high quality 5.1 surround sound. Another advantage is that MainStage Adapter allows the users to use their laptops while it streams the video or the presentation simultaneously on the HD screen. The video quality and the sound system of the picture on the wide screen exactly meet the expectations of the customers.


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