Details On The Panasonic VIERA Plasma 2011 TV Lineup


Panasonic, already the recognized leader in High Definition Plasma Televisions, introduced seven new models comprising the VIERA HDTV lineup for 2011. These were unveiled at the CES 2011 and won critical acclaim from one and all. Improving on their own quality, thereby raising their own bar, Panasonic have brought forth a brilliant line of IPTV HDTVs in addition to their existing award-winning Plasma TV lineup. Here are more details on the latest Panasonic Plasma TV lineup for 2011.

More on VIERA technology

The Panasonic VIERA lineup brings the user many advanced features and facilities, thereby resulting in a rich user experience. These features are as follows:

  • The Frame Sequential Technology makes use of full-HD sequential playback, which makes for far better viewing than conventional 3D systems. This technique, incidentally, is used in Hollywood’s 3D filming. It uses separate resolution for both the left and right eyes, resulting in high-precision 3D images and video.
  • The Fast Switching Phosphor minimizes afterglow and enhances lighting. This rids the image of unwanted noise, further improving the 3D images on screen.
  • The latest Light-Emitting Process that the VIERA lineup employs, helps in reducing double images in the darkness. This again reduces image afterglow. Not only that, the speed of the light emission is speeded up and the interval until the next frame is extended, which means, better 3D viewing.
  • The 3D 24p Cinema Smoother suppresses jerky movements in between frames, making the playback smooth and natural. This gives the user a lifelike feel of the images on screen.
  • The 2D-3D Conversion feature further helps in creating realistic 3D images; giving each image a natural depth and color. The VIERA lineup is hence great for Blu-ray movies, DVDs and even normal TV broadcasts in 3D. You can also additionally work with the 3D adjustment features so as to make the most of your viewing experience.
  • The 3D Image Viewer feature makes it easy for you to watch images taken by you on your camera or camcorder. You merely insert the SD card into its slot on the VIERA TV and you are instantly ready to view your own images and even preserve them in 3D.

Viera VT30

The Panasonic Plasma VIERA series

The VIERA series comprises three lines of products, namely, the VT30, the GT30 and ST30 series. All of these provide full 1080p resolution and make for a great 3D viewing experience.

  • VT30 Series

This consists of two models, both of which come with a sleek single sheet glass design. These support IPTV VIERA Connect, Skype video/voice calling, USB connectivity, Wi-Fi, wireless LAN, keyboard and USB memory. This series includes a pair of Full HD 3D eyewear as well.

  • GT30 Series

Comprising four models, these sleek Plasma TVs come with an Infinite Black 2 Panel, VIERA Connect, Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity, three USB ports, Skype and JPEG 2D digital image viewer. Other features include PC input, VIERA Link, DLNA support and four HDMI connections.

  • ST30 Series

Comprising six models, the ST30 Series includes the Infinite Black 2 Panel, Skype, VIERA Connect, Wi-Fi and LAN, 2D and 3D image and video playback, DLNA compatibility, VIERA Link, two USB ports and three HDMI connections.

Combining striking looks with a bevy of advanced features, the Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV lineup for 2011 is indeed a sight for the Gods. What are you waiting for? Hurry to your nearest Panasonic vendor for more details on the VIERA lineup.

Viera ST30

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