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Do you work far away from home, which means that you have to spend a lot of time travelling in your car? Are you an outdoor person that simply loves to go for these unending cross-country road drives? Well, there is one thing you can do to make your journey or travel a lot more comfortable and fun. In-dash DVD players, which are popular electronic goods today, give you just the kind of relaxation you need on your long drives.

Like all consumer electronics, you get a stunning variety of in-dash DVD players in the market. You can find a wide price range too and most of them are really quite affordable. Some models, especially those coming from China, are very cheap and also work well. Installing one product is easy and does not take very long either.

Best in-dash DVD player brands

Those of you who do not mind spending extra for the brand name, can go in for a variety of top DVD players, such as Pioneer, Panasonic, Farenheit, XOvision, Boss, Audiovox and so on. Each brand also offers you a variety of features, so you could check each one online before going in for your final purchase.

Most basic in-dash DVD players include features such as AM/FM Radio; CD, MP3 and DVD playback and so on. Then there are those who include CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and so on. Some also support WMV and VMA formats. Higher end DVD players could support more advanced features such as Bluetooth and the latest craze, GPS.


Other features

Those who want to truly impress with their in-dash DVD Players could think of going in for players with 7” monitors. These look really eye-catching and elegant. Many such DVD players also offer other features such as GPS and location-based services.

Then there are brands which come with touchscreens, that you can use for road navigation and such other services.

Yet other models come with an iPlug cable. This means that if you own an iPod, you can easily connect it to your device and enjoy music while on the go.

Which is the best in-dash DVD player for you?

  • While there is nothing like the ideal model, you need to study all the models available in the market and compare features and prices before zeroing in on one particular brand or model.
  • Also, read up reviews on all the brands you are interested in. There are many websites that offer unbiased user reviews. This will give you a good idea about each product.
  • Ask friends who use in-dash DVD players. They will be able to guide you best on the choice of product you should make.
  • Check up stores like eBay, where you may get your product cheaper than at retail stores. Such stores frequently come up with interesting offers.
  • If possible, visit a retail store close to you, so that you can get an actual physical feel of the product before making your final purchase decision.

A little research and asking around will help you find the best in-dash DVD player for your needs. Install one in your vehicle and rest assured that each journey will be well worth the effort.


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