Get LG’s 55-Inch OLED Now for Only $8000


369380-lg-55-inch-oledGadgets world is both surprised and delighted with the news that LG is slashing the prices of its HDTV more precisely EA9800 55-inch OLED by almost half. It may be recalled that this product has a curved screen, and it was introduced only in July 2013. At the time, the product was pegged at $14,999. Now, this TV will be available for $7,000 in the US because of additional rebate of $1,000. For other consumers, the price is about $8,000.


The screen of this television set is razor thin measuring only 4.3 millimeters in thickness, i.e., is about 0.17 inches thick. Its weight is also not more than 38 pounds. Such reduction in thickness and weight, however, has not affected the performance of this television set.

Unique Features of EA9800

The TV responds to gestures. This HDTV also has 3D feature. Images on it are exceptionally clear because of LG’s in-house four colored pixel system. This system includes a sub-pixel for compatibility with the blue, green, and red in traditional systems. The effect of such a TV in the home can be almost like IMAX.

Slashing the price drastically, will help LG to capture larger market share, which would soon be filled with other players offering similar products with new or superior features. LG also has a 77-inch wide screen OLED HDTV in its portfolio. Therefore, it needs to create a market share for that product, as well. If the price of 55-inches HDTV were to remain high, there would be few takers for the larger screen television.

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