Get Ready To Buy New Vizio High-Definition TV at $3,499


For all persons whose high-definition TV is not enough wide for their eyes and they have extra thousand to invest, Vizio is the lavish choice for them. Vizio is now, to be launched, in a form of a brand new 58-inch Cinema wide Television at a-price of $3,499 which is going to hit all the retailers by next month.

Vizio’s new cinema wide-TV

Bargain-brand is certainly not going to be followed by Vizio anymore. A new set featured with aspect ratio of 21:9, which is closer to orientation of a movie theater is there.
Since past years, aspect ratio 16:9 was found to be common among all the HDTV sets that have been sold out. Maximum of the sporting events and video games are based on the same aspect ratio, i.e. 16:9.

Discarded black-bars of 16:9 in 21:9 aspect cinemas wide TV

It is thought that black bars running on both sides of the picture will surely make its presence on Cinema-wide sets, on contrary Vizio assures that there would not be any real estate waste. There will be appreciable up scaling and measured stretch of videos that would fit on 21:9 screens. The remnant space would be covered with VIA apps like Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, you will able to watch TV without-“letterbox,” which is found, in 16:9 sets. Presently, Vizio is concentrating on deciding the price of this new gadget, also 50”, and 71” screen sizes are been decided side by side.

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