Google launches its own line of audio systems


Google is preparing its own brand of audio systems.

The new products will play music and other media files, received by wireless from your mobile phone or even tablet. A special application installed on your tablet or phone with Android operating system will provide remote control functionality, which can control any nearby compatible devices.

Google adds new line of audio systems to an already range of hardware product offerings under its own brand, which includes series of smart phones like Nexus and TVs like Google TV, produced in partnership with various hardware vendors.

Since little information is available at this time, we learn that the new audio systems feature Bluetooth technology for direct connection to electronic devices nearby, and access to WiFi networks, probably used for access online music services and for communication with compatible devices.

Apparently, Google is already working for years on this range of products and has prepared an interesting application that will add on the Android Market later this year, while launching new line of audio systems. We will keep you updated with the latest details about the new audio system from Google. Stay tuned!

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