Google Nexus TV Coming in Early 2014


Google Nexus TvAccording to a recent report, Google is coming up with Nexus labeled set-top box for playing games and streaming videos. This set-top box will be android based and for streaming videos will use the videos from Netflix and Hulu.

More Information

As per the information report this set-top box will be made available by the first half of the 2014. Few months ago Wall Street Journal also reported that in the Vegas Consumer Electronic Show Google has shown the prototype model of the device. The gadget was seen to have video conferencing feature based on the Google Hangouts, and it would also have a motion sensor working on the same line as Xbox Kinect.

Its Competitors

Once coming in the market Nexus TV will be facing a tough competition from the contemporary set-top boxes like Roku and Apple TV. Moreover, it has speculated that very soon Amazon and Intel are also making their own devices.

However, for streaming television content Google has earlier come up with the television streaming devices like Chromecast, which is a plug-in small HDMI resembling a memory stick. For operation user should have a computer or mobile device having Chrome browser.

It has been speculated that Nexus TV would be quite expensive than the Chromecast and would not require an external device. But some sources say that it will be operated with the help of android mobile device.

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