IFA’s offering – Panasonic’s 145-inch 8K Plasma Display, Toshiba 85-inch 4K TV


It seems that the future of television no longer lies in full HD but rather on resolutions much higher than that. We are talking about the resolution of 4K and 8K. In the IFA convention for the year 2012, both Panasonic and Toshiba had released some wonderful devices. Toshiba has shown their 85-inch 4K TV whereas Panasonic’s is much bigger at a 145-inch as well as double the resolution.

Toshiba’s offering of their 85-inch 4K TV has a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels. As a comparison, we are talking about 4 full HD monitors being stacked in a column and rows of twos. Due to the high pixel count, the pixel density was very high and thus you can see a lot of things rather clearly. Picture quality on this TV was also one of the best in its class as it is both sharp and bright. However, you’ll definitely need to position yourself quite far away. The price tag has yet to be released but expect it to be hefty.

Panasonic’s TV is much bigger and with more pixels as well. The image quality is of 16 times the full HD and honestly, there is so much raw processing power needed that it would take some time before people will adopt 8K resolutions. As far as the future is concerned, 4K will be the giant leap after full HD.

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