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A heart rate monitor is a device that allows you to measure your heart rate in real time, so that you can analyze and study it later. Having been invented in 1977 as a training device for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski team, this is now commonly used by training experts and champions all over the world. Today, we bring you useful information on strapless heart rate monitor watches.

Why the strapless model is beneficial

Strapless heart rate monitor watches contain two sensors on the display. The user merely has to touch this display in order to view their current heart rate. These devices compliment your regular workout routine and help count your calorie intake, record heart rate during the course of your workout and even create a workout routine for you which will help you burn the maximum amount of calories.

Design-wise, strapless heart rate monitor watches are small and very portable indeed. Since it is strapless, you are not forced to wear it on your wrist all the time. You can choose instead to clip it onto your clothes or other gear. This is the biggest benefit of the strapless device.

Many advanced strapless heart rate monitor watches help you track distance, outside temperature and so on. Some of these devices can also be programmed as per your preferences.

Review of popular strapless heart rate monitor watches

  • Bowflex Fit Trainer 10M Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Bowflex Fit Trainer heart rate monitor watch, which is priced at around $60, comes with interesting features. It is light to wear and has a comfortable feel about it, when wrapped onto the wrist. The price too is pretty much reasonable for someone looking for a good monitor watch which is also easy to understand and use.


  • It may not always show accurate readings
  • It sometimes stops taking readings
  • The two-finger manipulation takes some time to get used to
  • The device sometimes stops monitoring if the user pauses during the course of exercise

Impact Sports

  • Impact Sports ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch & Calorie Counter

The ePulse2 from Impact Sports works as a heart rate monitor watch plus a calorie counter. This is priced at around $130, which is a bit steep, but good for fitness freaks and professionals, who have to keep a constant watch on their fitness levels.

Easy to use and good to look at too, this is the ultimate fitness monitoring device for someone in the know of things.


  • A short battery life is the biggest problem with this device. It runs out of battery power if you keep it running for 2-3 hours at a stretch. Hence, this is not for trekkers or bicyclists who go on long trips.
  • This device does not offer memory storage. Hence, you cannot maintain a log of your workout.
  • The cost is a bit too steep for those who are not really so much into fitness. It also does not offer so many features to just the price.

In conclusion, there are many strapless heart rate monitor watches available in the market today. Do some research online to find the model that best suits your requirements and then proceed ahead with your purchase.


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