LG 77-inch Ultra HD curved TV Steals the Show at IFA 2013


IFA 2013 is such a massive mass drawing platform that manufacturers seldom let go a chance to make an impact in the show. This year we have the keywords like curved, big and OLED, and all this is epithet to the new 77-inch curved OLED TV. It has 4K resolution spreading across that ads detail even on the minute aspects also. But definitely it may strain even the pocketful!

LG is not New to OLED Technology

The OLED technology is not new with LG, and we have already seen the 55-inch LG OLED TV in CES 2013 held in the month of January. Priced at a whopping $13,000 the device came to market a few months later. And now we have an even larger gadget that is curved so that the center is same in the distance as the edges in the living room. But do you think this will be fit for living rooms?

Other Such Devices

Another such device that is drawing attraction is the Samsung 55inch curved UHD OLED and thus is also supposed to make an entry in the IFA. We also know that Sony has in its basket a 56-inch OLED which is currently facing scale issues.

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