LG Cinema 3D TV and Smart TV – Redefining the home theater experience


Home TV viewing has got a new dimension in television world with LG’s two new revolutionary televisions. Now LG gives you an opportunity to make your TV viewing even better and comfy than ever before.

Cinema 3D TV

LG’s Cinema 3D Television is the very first and the only 3D television with flicker-free technology which will never make your dizzy which would otherwise come from prolonged use of 3D glasses of heavy shutter type. LG Cinema 3D TV gives brighter, clearer pictures with its 3D Light Boost screen. Additionally it offers flexible viewing positions thus allowing viewers to enjoy bright and clear 3D while lying down or leaning back in front of the TV. LG Cinema 3D also has 2D to 3D conversion, Multi-source 3D connection and 3D Depth and Viewpoint Control.

Smart TV

It is a big LG TV screen and Web-connected connected in one unit. It has got a home dashboard which is a complete entertainment package for users from single screen. It not only features internet access directly on big screen but it also has a smart share feature which gives wireless access to content on PC or Smartphone. Other features of LG’s smart TV include magic motion remote control, onscreen cursor, LG apps and a great television screen for the customers.


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  1. Robert Maine says:

    The LW6500 is certified 1080p and its 240hz but the LW9500 is 400hz. They suffer much less lag then active 3D TVs the TVs are also flicker free and suffer 4x less crosstalk.

    Active TVs are also really dangerous for people with many medical conditions. Also the glasses issue at $150 a pair for active sets and some in the $300 range. $600 adds more than 30% over your cost if you want to watch it with your family. Though if you want to buy last years models of active glasses they can be picked up for $60 each vs $10 each for passive.

    also this TV is number 1 rated by consumer reports you can see it here.

    Overall This TV is a great buy!

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