LG Introduces 84-Inch 4K TV – Will Exhibit it During CES 2012


All you huge TV fans out there are bound to be pleased by this recent news from LG. The electronics giant is all set to unveil its latest offering, the 84-inch, “ultra-definition”, 4K TV. We have also been informed that it will show off its pet project at the CES 2012. Some of you may recall that LG had stated during the CES 2011 that it had an idea of manufacturing 4K LCD TVs, but that did not happen this year. Well, we have just a wee bit of a wait now, so we are not complaining!

The latest LG 3D UD TVs will come with an amazing resolution of 3840×2160, which will supposedly make the screen content about four times clearer than that of regular Full HDTVs now available in the market. Starting with the beautiful Las Vegas, the company will slowly bring the TV to other states in the US as well.

This television will have all of LG’s state-of-the-art features, such as 3D Cinema, built-in Smart TV features and support for upgraded Magic Motion remote, which now support 4 types of command inputs, namely, Voice Recognition, Wheel, Magic Gestures and Point. LG’s Smart TV feature gives the viewer access to over 1,200 apps, plus a variety of premium content services, in order to give them a complete home 3D theater system.

LG is already way ahead of its times – we still do not have access to a great deal of 4K-resolution compatible video content just as yet. But that will happen soon enough. Besides, we can still enjoy watching 3D content on this TV. So far, companies such as Sony and JVC have come out with high-end and very expensive 4K-resolution projectors.

We still do not know when the LG 3D UD TVs will actually come out into the market and how they would be priced. But we are already quite excited about this latest offering from LG. How about you guys?

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