LG’s 180-inch Plasma is made of nine 60′ Plasma Screens


LG 180 Inch Plasma

LG’s 180-inch Plasma was caught on the internet a while back and everyone was excited about the ‘Big Screen’. People were surprised when they got to know that LG will be coming up with a 180-inch plasma tv.

The same people who were excited before might get a little disappointed now because LG’s 180-inch Plasma is nothing but nine 60-inch Plasma screens brought together. The nine screens together makes a 180-inch Plasma.

The lines between the nine screens are visible but LG managed to get the seems down to 1.5mm. The picture on the big screen will definitely look good but the lines may spoil the fun.

The days aren’t far when the real 180-inch plasmas will be available, but for now this one is definitely worth a shot. LG might be coming up with something better next time.

[via engadget]

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