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If you’re the kind of person who always listen to music when you cook, when you run, you’re in the car or when you’re at work, no doubt you would be interested in an waterproof iPod that will allow you to listen to your favorite songs in the shower or even underwater.

In terms of mp3 players we have already seen a lot of strange patterns in all sorts of shapes or strangest positions. Manufacturing companies are trying to get small devices, but with a bigger range. It seems that once the normal arsenal of ideas is exhausted, manufacturers have thought of unusual categories of customers. For example, divers or swimmers who maybe listen to music when they are practicing their hobbies.

If the drama writer Alain Delon had swam in the pool with the iPod in his ears, the films of Deray would always had a gem of dramatic tension, but perhaps it would have lost the value of murky sensuality that inspires thoughts then as now is prohibited in the viewer. That was in 1968, the Walkman was born eleven years later and still could not be used in water. To solve the problem we are talking about the newest technology on the market, waterproof headphones. They are designed to withstand up to 10 feet of diving under water and hours of underwater audio listening. They stay in your years with no more wrapping long lengths cables that make you difficult to move.

To those who like to remain active listening to music, the headset cable that runs between the body and year always gives trouble and everybody knows it, including the companies that produce them, the fact is that in the case of small devices, it is far easier to listen to the music in the water with your headset so you do not have a cable that produce noises and interfere with a good quality of listening, not counting the times when you’re simply running and the headset takes off from the ears, this is note the case here.

The simplicity of the design of the new Underwater iPod is well suited for your sports activities, the main intended use by the Japanese: the body of the headphones, held firmly in place behind the ear by passing an adjustable headband behind them, is the result of a study carried out in order to allow both women and men, having their head morphologically different, to adapt it better to their own forms thus reducing friction with the water.

The playable formats include MP3, WMA, AAC, and PCM and the mechanism of buttons that allows playback, search, repeat and randomization of audience allows you to use the player while you do sport both outdoors and water, however, lacks a display and its storage is limited to 2GB, although with the Drag & Drop you can upload music files from your PC to your player.

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