Microsoft Research has HomeOS for your house automation


The concept of a smart house might be one that a lot of people are not familiar with but that isn’t stopping a handful of companies to pursue on that concept. The beauty of a smart house is that automation is the key here as most of the things are done automatically. In fact, you can even program your house to do just about anything that you want it to do.

One of the companies that has created a project for this purpose is Microsoft under its Microsoft Research department. To be precise, we are talking about the HomeOS project on which its purpose is for housing automation. Some of the things that they have tried to create includes notification devices, door/lights turn on/off feature, image recording and a few others. In fact, HomeOS would work well with almost Z-Wave’s entire product line.

The licensing for HomeOS is free of charge to academic institution. SDK for Z-Wave products is also available for HomeOS as well. This project is already being run by a handful of students and academicians. Prototype for the project has already been created by a few education institution throught the United States. The end product might take some time to finish but when it does, expect it to be big.

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