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An altimeter is an instrument which is used to measure the altitude of a thing lying above a fixed level. Altimeters are used in a variety of transport systems, also in satellites. Here, we bring you information on some of the top selling car altimeters.

Sun 203 Analog Car Altimeter

The Sun 203 analog altimeter is great for car owners, hikers and mountain climbers alike. This high-quality, high-resolution altimeter comes in a durable mounted case, protective Lanyard casing and can be calibrated to an altitude of 15000’ or 4000m. This device also includes a Barometer and Weather Trend indicator.

The Sun 203 is very rugged and lasts long, as it has a hard outer case made of ABS Polymer covering. So you can take it along even in rocky places, without feeling the least bit worried about its functioning.

The Sun 203 analog car altimeter is priced at $56.95.

Swift 478 Altimeter

The Swift 478 Altimeter is almost identical-looking to the Airguide Breckenridge Altimeter, the manufacture of which has been discontinued now. Easily calibrated and completely dependable, the Swift 478 stands the highest in terms of the most popular car altimeters.

The Swift 478 Altimeter also displays barometric pressure in inches of mercury and can be calibrated to 16,000’ in 200’ increments. You can mount this device on your vehicle’s dashboard without any difficulty whatsoever.

The Swift 478 car altimeter comes with a soft plastic case, plus slide-in dashboard case, so you can also carry it on your hiking trips. Installing and reinstalling this device is a breeze, which is a definite plus.

This car altimeter is very reasonably priced at $49.95.

Sun Altilinq Car Altimeter

The Sun Altilinq uses the Sun Altimeter core as its principal component. This comes with a combined hinged bracket, so as to help you mount it onto a flat surface such as the vehicle’s dashboard. The adjustable bracket also aids you to place it on the front of the dashboard, in a position to your liking.

The Sun Altilinq comes with a unique Velcro mount and two hook-and-loop pads that can be stuck onto any surface. This also means that a single unit can be easily removed from one vehicle and latched onto the other with the least bit of effort from your side.

The Sun Altilinq car altimeter also features an ultra-clear dial, which gives you good vision and hence, a good idea about even the smallest changes in the altitude. This device can be calibrated to an altitude of 15000’ or 5000m.

The Sun Altilinq is also an excellent device for cross-country driving, boating, diving and many other kinds of sports as well.

This device is currently priced at around $60. Though the most expensive among the car altimeters featured here, the Sun Altilinq also offers many features.

There are several models of car altimeters available both online and in retail stores. Do check out your options and go through each model’s features before making your final decision.

Sun Altilinq

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