Nest Learning Thermostat by iPod pioneers


Everyone knows the iPod and its first generation with the click wheel instead of the touch screen. That device has revolutionized the music industry by storm. The engineers behind the click wheel which are Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers now came up with something new under a startup company called Nest Labs.

Presenting the Nest Learning Thermostat: it looks very stylish for a home and works superbly as well. The Nest Learning Thermostat “learns” the routine of the family and then changes the temperature according to what their activities are. For example, if you are to go out from your house to work at 8 for example until 5, the thermostat would actually know it thanks to its 6 sensors. It detects motions, temperature, humidity, light and a few others.

As for the click wheel, users can change the temperature by rotating the outer ring. In addition to that, you can also apply a four-digit password so that only users that know the password would be able change the temperature. It also has Wi-Fi on board which means that it can connect to the wireless network. Currently, there is an iOS application for the device although an Android version will soon follow.

The Nest Learning Thermostat costs $249 per piece. It would be an excellent upgrade to some especially to those that are thinking of renovating or building a new house.

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